Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meet ya there...

We have a very consistent bed time routine.  While the health and well being of the children is at the top of the list of reasons why we try really hard to have the same bed time and bed time routine every night, I think Nick will agree, that perhaps a close second is purely for our sanity.  Not that we are generally doing anything other than making lunches and watching the latest rerun of Criminal Minds but at least it is just us grown know?  Today was sooooo one of 'those' days...the ones that if you here the word mama again you may just ________*fill in the blank*.

Though of course the moment I start wondering why Nick and I made the seemingly outrageous decision of bringing two children into our once peaceful world they remind me.

Our current routine with Tova is:
  • brush teeth singing the abc's so that she will keep her mouth open - keeping her mouth open is a huge step given the streaming tears and uncontrollable sobbing about 3 months ago
  • Naked time...this is one of the few phrases she knows.  Don't judge parents also need humor for sanity too.
  • Potty practice.  We're getting closer and closer to the elusive no diapers ever again period of life.
  • Bath.  She LOVES bath time.  Nick and I adore that she absolutely does not mind water in her eyes (unlike her big bro).
  • PJs.  This consists of Tova running bare butt into her room grabbing a diaper ("I godddit mama") then running bare butt into Deven's room and throws herself on the floor sufficient for me to re-diaper and dress her.
  • Hugs (on each shoulder) and kisses for "the boys."
  • Reading, snuggles and milk.  At least one blanket and one stuffed animal - usually two of each - must accompany said activities.
  • If she doesn't fall asleep in my arms (which for many many reasons is the absolute best thing in the world) we have a kiss and hug routine that goes like this (a diagram would have been useful but I didn't want to get too...detailed):
    • Kiss on the walk to the bed at which time she also confirms that we will be performing her kiss routine by saying, "kiss bars?" (translation Pleeeeeease give me at least 15 kisses through and above the crib rails, P.S., this may or may not include daddo's participation if he becomes available),
    • Kisses through the left, middle and right foot of the bed railings,
    • Kiss above the foot of the bed railings,
    • Hugs above the foot of the bed railings (on each shoulder),
    • Kiss through the top and middle of the side bed railings,
    • Kiss above the bottom corner of the side railings,
    • Kiss above the top corner of the side railings,
    • Hugs above the bottom corner of the side railings (on each shoulder),
    • She tries for more but this is where I say "all done" and that I have to leave so she better lay down so I can cover her up,
    • She lays down, I cover her up,
    • I say LOOOOOVVVEEE YOOOOOUUU BABE and shut the door.
While I realize as I type that this seems extremely OCD I pretty much love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.  My 22lbs little lady is set to brake some serious hearts when she's older...and she knows it.

Our current routine for Deven is:
  • brush teeth - we double check the accuracy...we will not be leaving the "no cavity club" on Nick and my watch,
  • Naked time.  Yes, this is a running joke,
  • Argue about whether or not he needs to use the bathroom - he ALWAYS does,
  • Bath.  He never has and never will allow a complaint free hair washing,
  • PJs.  Takes the boy at least 15 minutes to get his naked butt to his room and dressed for the night as story telling, concert giving, book choosing, and question and answer sessions compete for his attention,
  • Gives Tova a kiss and hug (on each shoulder) goodnight...momentarily freeing his thumb from his mouth as by this time he has found White Blanket,
  • Daddo begins the next chapter of the 5th How to Train Your Dragon book,
  • Kiss and hug daddo (on each shoulder),
  • Climb into his sleeping bag...yes he has slept in his sleeping bag ever since Nick and he went camping last year...or was it the year before???
  • Blow daddo a kiss at the door for a last good Daddo,
  • When I finish with Tova a go in to his room and lately he and I have been devising where we will our dreams (which for many many reasons is the absolute best thing in the world) we have a list of places we have met which include but are not limited to:
    • Le Panier down town for a hot cocoa and a palmier
    • "Sounders Stadium" where we will have some sausages and hot cocoa (theme??)
    • Ride in a hot air balloon
    • Meet at the Zoo on the orangutan bridge
    • the beach
    • Disney land
    • the forest to camp (I only camp outside a hotel in dreams).
  • Then we have hugs (on each shoulder) and kisses usually three one on each cheek and on the smackers,
  • I usually help him get back in the sleeping bag because the excitement of choosing a place to meet has just been too much,
  • One more kiss
  • Then I turn of the lights, I MUST remember to say, "Meet ya there,"
  • I blow a kiss and shut the door.
Again a bit OCD but dang, it works, and who wouldn't want to meet up with Dev in their dreams for epic adventures?

So yes, I'm extremely glad my children are currently asleep but apparently I miss them when they finally are asleep because I spend the rest of my "free" time writing about when they were awake.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Oh Deven.  I can't wait to see what / who he will be when he grows up.  First pic is him peeling paint off the wall during quiet time at dance this week and second, us at the Silvertips game Saturday.  He knows how to push all my buttons but then he gives me that smile, randomly tells me he loves me and I can't help but melt.

Clifford the Tiny Red Dog

Deven's preschool class has the chance to take a little Clifford home for a week, take him places and photograph him (Gnome style).  This all is to be documented thoroughly into a journal that has been compiled by each 'student' from the beginning of the school year.  With the work week at a close Nick and I felt we better get this show on the road. Saturday Clifford came to observation week at dance class, our weekly visit to the nearest Mexican restaurant for dinner and helped cheer on the Silvertips as we enjoyed another game in my boss's AWESOME seats.  Sunday we decided to take the whole family (and Clifford) to the Museum of flight. 

I really think we did Clifford a solid.  I mean what other kiddo is going to give Clifford the opportunity to eat street tacos and pose for a picture in Air Force One.  These photos are currently being printed at Walgreen's as Nick and I complete the first of what I am sure will be many last minute school projects before the Monday deadline.

Friday, February 7, 2014

First bike ride

This is one hand-me-down we are sure Tova is enjoying.  Nick took Tova for his first bike ride last month.  He said she had a smile plastered on her face but was completely silent not even caring that snot was rolling down her chin. :). An athlete in the making.

Keeping it real

I felt we needed a January wrap up of Tova doing her thing.  Fashion'ista, pajama lover, whipped cream addict and high heel shoe wear'er.  She's a dare devil but will not hesitate to plead for IIIIIICCCCCCCEEEEE...when she...thinks about ice.  Helicopters, stars, the moon, purple, banana eggs, and berries are all her other favorite things right now.


When I was little...I couldn't have been older than 8...I was being a snot (yes I know, hard to believe) and I told my dad that football was stupid because it was just a bunch of guys throwing around a leather ball.  I have NO idea where I got this from and I'm certain I was just saying it to irritate him.  Well after I became a cheerleader in junior high and was on dance team in high school and college and became more familiar with the game, its rules and athletes I have since changed my mind about the whole thing.  Don't get me wrong I am no die hard, I don't know every team members name, stats or when the games are on unless I remember to look them up but I have respect for the game and admire people's passion.

Speaking of passion we have two very passionate kiddos who I feel confident will not be telling Nick or me that football is stupid. 

Our tv is generally not on when the kids are awake unless its Pandora, sports or mom and daddo just need a "moment". However, because it is (was) football season the tv has been tuned in for all the games.  Tova is an avid football fan.  Nick and her watch together and she actually watches and says "yaaayyyy" and "awwwwee" at seemingly the right times.  She may be able to help me with the technicals when she learns to talk.

The kid's school actually had a classroom contest to decorate and as a result when Tova sees a football, football player, a football logo or anything resembling anything about football she says, "Seeeeehawks"!!  It's down right adorable.  Deven?  He can pretty much tell you who is playing, what their position is and then will let you know that when he's older he will teach them how it's really done.  Deven is not without confidence.  He did accidentally mix up the violin player from Dave Matthew's band with Richard Sherman but...I can see that...
Nick was the super dad I know and love and got the parade day off of work.  We told Dev the night before and he literally did a jig around the kitchen.  Excited.  The boy had a 5am wake up call which is about 45 precious minutes earlier then usual but except for one minor melt down as they waited for the festivities to begin he was, in Nick's word, "awesome".  A feat to be sure.  The boys met up with our good friends Chip and Charlie and had a blast.

So. Hawk mania in the Johnston house, in pictures.  I may get more off of Nick's phone later but here are the goodies from mine.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I sort of really want it to snow.  Maybe so we can finally ski now that I'm not preggo or recovering from being preggo!!...or maybe to see these two crazies have a blast in it.  I don't think I've posted these gems before but this was earlier in December when we had a day or two of snow up here Everett's polar vortex of sorts.  Here's hoping for snow on some none engaged weekend soon.

Pic of Dev - pre hair cut *sniff*

Pic of Tova - obviously she didn't make it outside that night.  Which is another reason for it to snow...she has a new purple snow suit to break in!!