Saturday, August 23, 2014

End of summer

The summer is practically over so we are jamming in as much fun as possible.  We hardly stop long enough to dress or brush our hair.  Lots of boat stuff, hanging with friends when ever we can, drinking wine, out door concerts, drinking coffee, sprinklers, hugs and ultimately getting ready for deven's first year at highland elementary.  This has been a great summer and thankfully I think we will have a few more weeks.  We may even get in another weekend sail before the rain starts.  Fall is going to be awesome but I'm trying to store up on a few more days of vitamin d before I completely commit to its impending arrival.

Twinkle twinkle little star...

Tova's love of stars and moons is not wearing off anytime soon.  Please observe in my secretly recorded video.  She didn't want me to record her but I HAD to for future reminders of her cuteness at this age.  Follow this link to my instagram account.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hockey mama

A few weeks ago deven and I spent some qt on a Sunday.  Nick and Tova were down watching the hydro races but dev's hockey practice was mid day/afternoon so we stay up north.  I got a quick lesson on gear placement and tapping.  Please note I'm not responsible for the elbow pad placement when all was said and done.  He did pretty well though listening, being humble and not purposefully falling all need to be worked on. Afterwards we walked to fish tale brew pub for snack (it's tradition).  So I guess I'm officially a hockey mama now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fireman Pancake Breakfast

I think this is Tova's first breakfast at the firehouse...At least one where she wasn't sleeping or needing a nap in five minutes.  A huge hit as always.  We didn't have time to do the full blown aquafest this year but I made sure to get this in.  So everyone this is why we were two hours late to the reunion!!  Now that I think of it there were no tears in the reunion travels because we got it all out on the walk back home from the station.  Mama included. 👍

Bodle Family Reunion

For the past few years each summer we make the trip to port orchard via the fontleroy - vashion - southworth ferry.  Nick was a little busy (first...and second sail) so we had to go without him this year.  Thankfully my family was there to assist while I ate and drank wine in the beautiful sun!!  It was just perfect weather for trucking kids around the state! 

My parents and extended family did a fabulous job as always and my bro being the best uncle the kids could ask for drive to heckling and gone to get the last summer fun toys in stock on that side of the sound.

The ferry schedule was such that it made sense to drive up to the Kingston - Edmonds ferry to get back on the east side.  Everyone else had the same idea and even with 10 minutes to spare we ended up having to wait for the next boat.  Not to worry, Kingston delivers for layovers with an abundance of ice cream, live music and super friendly people!!  We made back to meet up with Nick in Everett with no tears that I can recall...At least not from me!! 💜

In pics.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Luffalee Adventures

I mentioned this in an earlier post but I think it deserves its own post.  I started up a new blog to document the newest addition to our little family.  Grab your life jackets

Friday, July 25, 2014

Apparently we camp

We met up with the Block and Olsen families in Lake Chelan last week for a little camping, a little running and some sun!  We sort of rocked it all around.  

Getting to chelan was difficult due to all the fires.  We had to take a few detours along the way and it took about an hour and a half longer than usual. But as soon as we pulled up we were able to unload and get dinner all fixed up in no time!!

I'm my worst critic with my race results but I think it was a good showing three years after my first half!  Julie and Shan did the 10k and of course they kicked butt.  Three ladies in our group of 7 got first in our age groups.  I think we can say we sweeped the races!

Both Tova and deven loved camping of course.  Bed time was...interesting...but as all the ladies said the second night was way better!!  Deven became a junior ranger and had his first toobing ride.  This kid is seriously growing up.

This was Tova's first camping trip.  She was super super bummed about not getting on the boat ride but popsicles, chips and smoors helped the situation.

Thankfully the Blocks had a camper with air conditioning and a DVD player.  Both were used intermittently by these west side, new camping family folks!! 

On the way back we visited the Lower family in Cashmere and they gave us a tip on a quicker detour home.  We stopped in Leavenworth for a quick dinner (and ice cream of course) then we got ourselves home...even sort of close to bedtime!!